Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Private Yoga Lessons & Parties!

As Loretta's yoga practice has expanded into teaching at multiple studios, we have also been looking to promote private 1-on-1 lessons & group events.

She has been booking personal classes & parties, and is also teaming up with Robbie Bacon to offer Thai Yin Yoga with deep stretching and body work.

I created this graphic so she can start promoting this awesome service online.

if you are interested in booking Loretta for lessons or yoga party, contact us through our website:

or through our Facebook page @ConsciousLivingForYou

-Paul Micarelli

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Take the High Ground

One way that I want to help reach people through our Conscious Living for You page is using my design skills to create motivational or inspirational graphics.

"If you always take the HIGH GROUND...
No one can walk all over you." 
-Paul Micarelli

If we act out each moment with confidence and integrity, we become immune to the negativity or manipulative behavior of others. Stand tall, and never let others bring you down. When you rise above unconscious patterns of behavior, you become like a mountain- firm, unmovable, and unable to be crushed.

-Graphic by Paul Micarelli