Friday, February 22, 2019

Guru Tude

Loretta & I have two cats that she insisted on living with us, once we got married & moved in together. My family had pets growing up, but not cats, so it took a little getting used to. However, I like them and they both have very distinct personalities.

"Tude" is the more shy of the two, and spent the first couple months hiding under our bed and in the walk-in closet. Although still wary of company, he is the more vocal of the two cats now, especially when he wants food. He is also the cuddle bug, and snuggles right up next to Loretta or I in bed at night.

We have come to discover that Tude is attracted to chanting... Whenever Loretta sits in our pillow area and does her Kundalini yoga "tuning in" mantra, he will come toward her & start chirping. Last night, I was sitting in the pillow room reading, and tried to get Tude to come over. The stubborn cat that he is, he just walked away. So, I started doing deep "Om" chants and he immediately came over and started vocalizing excitedly. Then, he sat down right next to me and stared intensely as I continued to chant.

Here's the pic I took when he came to sit next to me:


We now jokingly call him "Guru Tude" and I said maybe he was a monk in a past life. He looks like a wise old guru, with a white beard and penetrating eyes. I guess he is now the Conscious Living for YOU mascot!

Here he is sitting majestically like a Turkish sultan in our pillow area:

-Paul Micarelli

Friday, February 8, 2019

Yoga at Shalick High School

Recently, Loretta was asked to teach a few sessions of yoga at Shalick High School here in NJ, for their teacher's in-service. The theme for the day was "Health & Wellness".

We had a great turnout for two of the classes, and we had a lot of positive feedback. Loretta taught the classes a moderate yoga flow, & I ended the session with a guided body scan meditation to bring it to a relaxing end.

It was a great opportunity for us to work together, helping the community to achieve better mind & body health. If you or your organization would like us to host an event or workshop for yoga, meditation, relaxation, or other wellness goals- contact us through our website:

I am hoping to edit together a short compilation video very soon, but here are some pics from the event for now:

-Paul Micarelli

Saturday, February 2, 2019

"Finding Peace for Parents in Times of Stress" Workshop

This workshop on mindfulness & relaxation techniques for parents was held at Pennsville School District in NJ on 1/24/19, with yoga instructor Loretta DeStefano-Micarelli, RN-BSN & her husband
Paul Micarelli.

We gave parents and staff various techniques to relax and increase mindfulness in their everyday life. The workshop offered scientific insights into the environmental & physiological origins of stress, and the proven ways to relieve the anxiety that plagues our physical, mental, & spiritual being.

• For more info, please visit our website:

Here is a short clip of the intro to our presentation:

This is the full workshop, with an informative slideshow & relaxation exercises: