Sunday, December 23, 2018

The Year Coming to An End

The year of 2018 is coming to an end. What have you done, and what can you reflect on? 

The year ending always seems to be time when people look into the future and want to make a "resolution" for change. Change is never ending and we will ALWAYS face it. Not just once a year, but every moment, day, week, month and year of our existence. As we grow old as souls in the physical body, we come to terms with the aging that happens to the physical matter that we exist in. The soul has no relevance, or effect from time, but change is evolution to the bright light within us. 

The Divine Source/Light/God/Vortex etc... is with in you and within EVERYTHING. Acknowledging, concentrating on this light, becoming this light and honoring this light will take you to new levels EVERY SINGLE DAY. How can WE do this in our everyday life? 

I would like to take some time to reflect on some important memories and moments in my life from 2018. 
Love of Family

Fit Barn and My Yoga Journey


My Husband's 40th Birthday


My Union with My Love 

My Fitness Journey 

Love and Me and My Husband's 1st Christmas in Our Own Home! 

My Husband's Success 

My Career and the Wonderful people I Collaborate With 

I am so deeply grateful for all of yeses wonderful events in my life, and any that I did not mention, which is tons more, I am grateful for as well. :) Lets bring 2019 on!! 

Thank you for visiting :)
With Gratitude-
Loretta DeStefano-Micarelli

What are you grateful for? Where do you envision more abundance in your life? 

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Yoga for Inmates

In Western society, prison is viewed as a punishment- a "time-out" from society.

Although there are undoubtedly dangerous & broken people who may be beyond repair, many people are incarcerated for non-violent or drug offenses. The way our system is set up makes it difficult to become a well-adjusted citizen and re-enter the community once time is served.

If the focus was really on rehabilitation and education, it would make the tax dollars we spend on prisoners a better investment. Of course, one growing problem is the proliferation of "for-profit" private prisons. Just like corporations, the only thing that really matters is the bottom line. How much money can be squeezed from every person & situation is the guiding principle. The benefit to society and the individual is secondary, if it's even a consideration!

One proven way to help rehabilitate those in prison is practicing yoga, which has tangible benefits for both mind & body. The physical activity, combined with the art of self-control through breathing and physical discipline, goes a long way to changing the mindset of people who practice it.

I saw an article about this psychiatry study that demonstrated how yoga practice can reduce the psychological distresses of inmates- such as paranoia and anxiety.


The most important aspect is the positive effect it has toward re-introducing the person back into society. From the study: "The provision of opportunities for prison inmates to carry out physical activity in general and yoga exercise in particular can be an important tool for improving their reintegration into society and for helping them lead a drug free and law-abiding lifestyle upon release." 

If we can get past the Puritan heritage in how we deal with people who break the law, and try to improve, rather than just punish, the individual, then it would solve many of the problems with our prison system and the people we place into it.

Here is a video I came across while researching the topic, of a project being carried out in Seattle called Yoga Behind Bars:

-Paul Micarelli