Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Am I An Addict?

Addiction is a description we use when referring to people who need drugs to function optimally. Its rare to hear a person state "I am a food addict," but how about the commonly used phrase "I am a sugar junkie." Well guess what... most likely, you are addicted to sugar whether you realize it or not!

In the 60's, the sugar industry made sure you were a sugar addict, and even worse, they used science to make you believe that you needed sugar and that it was OK! The sugar industry downplayed the HARM of sugar and made a huge deal out of placing all the blame on the macronutrient FAT. In 1976 scientific authorities of the time claimed that heart disease was caused by fat, and if you lowered fats in your diet you would decrease your chances of getting heart disease. Come to find out, subsequent studies showed that heart disease was actually caused by excess SUGAR in the diet, not fat. The Sugar Research Foundation (SRF) put TONS OF MONEY into influencing the scientific inquiry, and making sure you knew that "sugar", was not as "bad" as fat. People were told to replace fat with something else when they knew that sugar was not good for you, and even worse for you then fat.  
 The sugar capita capitulated after such claims.

Studies have shown that sugar has similar effects on the brain as opioids. It has been said that sugar intake can even lead to some some drug addictions. What about cravings? Like children, for example- our society shovels sugar into children's mouth with the intention to cause pleasure or happiness. Think about this. What exactly are you setting your child up for? Possibly food cravings, or addiction in their future?

Of course, the sugar industry denies high consumption of sugar in our society. WHAT???? Houston, do you copy? Sugar is in everything processed, hidden but right in front of you. It's in the ingredients list, but covered up with a fancy chemical name. The sugar industry actually had the audacity to state that most everyday people do not over-consume sugary sodas. Coca-Cola has a very close relationship to sponsored researchers that defend sugar, and have stated that sugary drinks are NOT related to obesity. Unfortunately, food companies set out to manipulate research in their favor. The SRF has stated that children who eat sweets have a healthier body weight. Hmmm, maybe that's why pediatricians tell you to start with sugar-based baby foods first. This industry has a whole "science" to support the argument that foods filled with sugar also have good nutrients in them. They claim that increases of sugar in the diet are NOT linked to diabetes mellitis. This industry blames carbohydrates, but the the fact is that the American diet is filled with both. The funny thing is, sugar falls under a carbohydrate.

Only by educating ourselves and becoming conscious of what we are eating can we break this unhealthy addiction to sugar, to prevent the life-long negative effects that this substance can cause in our bodies.

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