Friday, March 1, 2019

We all "Suffer" at Times

Although Life is beautiful and joyous, there are always going to be times of stress and pain. I am human, as well as you, and I feel pain at times that sends me into a downward spiral of negative thinking and distorted perception. This negative cyclone spins me into thinking that I will call "distorted perception", because it makes me think that it is the end-all thinking. Does this happen to you?

I start to think myself to death and stay awake at night mulling over in my head conversations, past events and situations at hand and how to deal with them. I feel there is a degree of human nature here, where we can solve problems, especially problems that effect our livelihood, but there is a degree of insanity here, as well.

When I say "insanity, " I do not mean psychiatric illness, which in our country has a nasty undertone attached to it- I mean insanity of our own personal health and freedom. An oppression, depression, even a damper on or freedom to be ourselves and shine brighter than a diamond. Its a burden to our truest soul.

My soul wants to shine and be free amongst the other souls that roam this planet. When we overthink, we allow our "minds" to take over. Yes, in some theories, our minds and our souls are two different things. The soul is a bright light, and extension of God and a link to ALL other beings that shed that same light. The mind, however, is the thoughts, the fears, the emotions, the OVER THINKING and the rational thought machine that most people allow to make their decisions based ONLY on logic.

Is it bad to only think logically? Not at all, but this is not the only source of decision-making that we have as humans. In a society where we must answer questions and make decisions lickity-split due to work and other societal indoctrination, we feel that the rational, quick acting, critically thinking mind is the only thing to use for best decision making and better success. What ever happened to "using your feelings." LOL "Luke, Search Your Feelings." Why do I laugh? Because I never liked Star Wars and my husband, Paul is a serious Star Wars fanatic. Now I am starting to see why.

I am tired of only thinking from the mind. The mind brings stress and fear. At the same time, you need the stress and the fear and the mind to an EXTENT. Balance my friend, balance. By most using your soul, your inner voice in combination with checking in with the mind, you could have a good formula of decision making. Now you may say, "what if I cannot tell the difference from my soul and the inner voice of fear," which I completely understand and have felt numerous times. My answer is to stop, rest, take time and LISTEN. Speak to God. Speak to your inner self. Do things that make you happy. Sit quietly. Listen to the birds. Go to the beach alone. Heck, do SOMETHING ALONE, which most of us will not do, and LISTEN.

"What is wisdom and where is it to be found? Wisdom comes with the ability to be still. Just look and just listen. No more is needed. Being still, looking, and listening activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions." - Eckart Tolle

When he says "stillness," he dose not necessarily mean SILENCE. this stillness can be found in ANY situation. 

Thank you listening!
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Loretta DeStefano-Micarelli 

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